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Russian Winter, Yuli Yulievich Klever

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Not sure if you're doing anything different or living life differently or if thing are just getting better for you but you look really good in your recent pictures. You used to have a very tired and almost empty look in you previously and lately you look to have shaken it and started to look more alive again. I hope it's true and that things are looking up for you because you absolutely deserve wonderful things in your life. <3


judging by this i think you’re a really caring person and i just wanted to say thank you for noticing and being the person you are. I’m not letting myself get upset, sad and angry. Its proven itself to bury me and i can no longer stand to bare the pain. there was a day i decided wether i wanted to live or die and ever since then i made the decision to do everything i can to keep going

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ロキノン | ueno

everything gets so old so fast.


Wayne Barlowe - Damnation

    Tliltic Tlapoyauak

love me

Unlike other bats who have lost the ability to move around on land, vampire bats can actually run on land. They use their forelimbs as a means of force. This ability evolved independently with the bat lineage. 

Katsushika Hokusai Electronic Circuit Board

i just lost a follower cause my blog just got crazy