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Με λένε θάνατος



Picture from ‘The World of Cactus & Succulents’






I really want to do this to a bathroom…

so nice i like i like 

Have you ever:

1. Skipped class?
2. Done drugs?
3. Self harmed?
4. Drank?
5. Shoplifted?
6. Gotten a tattoo?
7. Broken up with someone?

What's your favorite:

8. Show?
9. Movie?
10. Song?
11. Tumblr?
12. Singer/Band?
13. Memory?
14. Book?

This or that:

15. Invisibility or Ability to fly?
16. Cookies or Cake?
17. Twitter or Facebook?
18. Movies or Books?
19. Coke or Sprite?
20. Blind or Deaf?
21. Tea or Coffee?

What's your:

22. Age?
23. Sign?
24. Height?
25. Sexual orientation?
26. Shoe size?
27. Religion?
28. Longest relationship?

Opinion on:

29. Gay rights?
30. Second chances?
31. Long distance relationships?
32. Abortion?
33. The death penalty?
34. Marijuana ?
35. Love?

Do you:

36. Believe in ghost?
37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it?
38. Sleep with the door opened or closed?
39. Love someone?
40. Still watch cartoons?
41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
42. Like yourself?

Thanks spanky

Acorn Fairy:

Favorite prank you've ever seen/done?

Almond Blossom Fairy:

Something difficult you've done in order to succeed?

Apple Blossom Fairy:

What would you like your future self to be like?

Beechnut Fairy:

A prayer, rhyme, or saying that is special to you?

Bird's-Foot Trefoil Fairy:

Strangest thing you've ever found?

Blackberry Fairy:

Someone that you are envious of?

Blackthorn Fairy:

A very difficult moment in your life?

BlueBell Fairy:

A strange superstition that you have?

Bugle Fairy:

Who would you protect no matter what?

Candytuft Fairy:

Something that you're indifferent to? (don't really care about that everyone else makes a big fuss over)

Canterbury Bell Fairy:

Your favorite song you like to sing when you're bored?

Cherrytree Fairy:

Something you're very knowledgeable of?

Chicory Fairy:

Something you love to do that keeps you energized?

Christmas Tree Fairy:

Your favorite gift you have ever received

Columbine Fairy:

What is your favorite comedy?

Daisy Fairy:

Are you a morning person?

Double Daisy Fairy:

What is something you're still unsure of?

Elderberry Fairy:

One time you've helped solve a dispute?

Elm Tree Fairy:

A place you've always wanted to see?

Forget-me-not Fairy:

A special memory of love?

Fuchsia Fairy:

A childhood wonder that you've always kept?

Gorse Fairy:

What is something you're proud of?

Hawthorn Fairy:

Something that gives you hope?

Heliotrope Fairy:

A philosophy or religion you follow?

Holly Fairy:

Ever had your future told?

Honeysuckle Fairy:

Favorite song to dance to?

Jasmine Fairy:

Your favorite item to decorate your house with?

Laburnum Fairy:

What is your favorite musical instrument?

Lavender Fairy:

Something that makes you wary?

Lilac Fairy:

A moment that made you realize something amazing? Or world changing?

Lily of the Valley Fairy:

A time you had to practice restraint?

Michaelmas Daisy Fairy:

A regret you have?

Mountain Ash Fairy:

Your favorite way to banish something from your life?

Mulberry Fairy:

Something naughty/illegal you've always wanted to do?

Narcissus Fairy:

Your favorite feature of yourself?

Nasturtium Fairy:

Something you are proud of?

Nightshade Fairy:

Someone you would never lie to?

Pear Blossom Fairy:

what do you find the most fun to do?

Phlox Fairy:

Something you wish you could do over again?

Pine Tree Fairy:

What is the worst joke/trick anyone has played on you?

Poppy Fairy:

Your most important victory?

Primrose Fairy:

Favorite childhood memory?

Ragged Robin Fairy:

What is your favorite dancing style?

Ragwort Fairy:

where would you like to travel to?

Red Campion Fairy:

What cheers you up when you're sad?

Red Clover Fairy:

What is your dream job?

Rose Fairy:

Someone you love the most and why?

Rosebay Willow-herb Fairy:

Favorite pass-time?

Rose Hip Fairy:

Favorite food?

Sloe Fairy:

What do you think is hard to do?

Snowdrop Fairy:

Favorite Season?

Speedwell Fairy:

favorite color?

Stitchwort Fairy:

Favorite constellation?

Strawberry Fairy:

What is the thing you want the most?

Sweet Chestnut Fairy:

What injustice angers you the most?

Sweet Pea Fairy:

Pain or pleasure?

Traveller's Joy Fairy:

Last vacation you had?

Tulip Fairy:

What color are your eyes?

Wayfaring Tree Fairy:

A journey you wish to take?

White Bindweed Fairy:

the person/thing you can always depend on?

Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy:

The best lie you've ever told?

Wild Rose Fairy:

What are you afraid of?

Winter Jasmine Fairy:

Someone that helps you often?

Yew Fairy:

Something that makes you sad?

Fire Tornado


my friend who snorts cocaine won’t eat cookie dough because it’s bad for you

(Source: biforce)


Trapped by Freeman Law